CTA Tradition


Our company, through our products, 

outlines a new age,

With work, spirit and talent,

that is the way Casa Tequilera Azteca is born.


Aztec civilization astounded the “old world” in 1519. Them, with their social, military and religious systems dominated the nearby nations and imposed their leadership, and they built amazing pyramids which portray this people’s transcendence.

The Aztec people’s own way to see the universe was a very astounding one. What would have been of the world without the knowledge of xitomatl (tomato), ahuacatl (avocado), cocoa, corn and other products from Aztec soil?. They were politeists, and offered their blood to feed the gods so they could renew on eternal life.

The Aztec people, representative of a nation and a symbol for Mexican people, is the chosen emblem of our Casa Tequilera Azteca, in order to give the world a beverage which is syncretic, iconic and able to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Tequila’s volcano was considered a sacred mountain, even for the local people from our days, and here is where the name of the most famous Mexican beverage is born: Wine Mezcal Tequila, which is now referred only as Tequila.

Back in the day, it was known as “food for the gods”, sacred pulque, obtained from the Agave, which was preferred by governors, priests, pregnant women, warriors and nobles. The Agave was also used for the making of clothes, spears, and paper for codex making, among other uses. That is why this vegetal has the Agave name, which in greek it means “admirable”.

In Mexico, 70% of the agave species from the whole world, are found. The only one which is authorized by the Official Mexican Tequila Normative (NOM) for tequila making, is the Agave Tequilana Weber. This vegetable should be fully matured (8-10 years) in order to “cry”… “moan”… “jimar”.

Our Agave, which grows only at the Mexican state of Jalisco, dies in order to give us its honeys, which will be poured on stainless steel furnaces and turn into delicate sugars. Those will be the foundation for the fermenting process, in which yeasts will work its way to turn those sugars into alcohol.

Through a delicate artisan process, we take care of our distillation process in stainless steel in order to get 55 degrees of purity turned into White (Blanco) or Silver Tequila.

Our Tequilas rest and mature in French oak caskets; those will make it to your table, and you will thoroughly enjoy them.

Casa Tequilera Azteca carries only 100% agave products, which speaks volumes of our excellence, and therefore distinguish ourselves with pride, passion, hard work and an artisan’s care in our tequila line, which is meant to be enjoyed by gastronomy lovers, sybarites, general public and tequila lovers.

Our commercial line is La Revancha, which hast three kinds: Blanco (White), Reposado and Añejo (Old) and has been designated for the sports lover. Without a doubt, La Revancha tequilas will make the week’s soccer match, an unforgettable experience. It is a tequila  for the people who knows when to return and win; for them, La Revancha is meant.

Casa Tequilera Azteca’s Premium Tequila is Real Hacienda Único, which also has three kinds:

Blanco (White), Reposado or Añejo (Old). It is a product which will outline the trascendence of any event in which it is served, to distance from the day-to-day experience, so you can enjoy a UNIQUE moment.

The artistic expression of agave-turn-tequila is Espinoza, a tequila inspired of the greatest honor which the prehispanic people had when they offered their blood to the gods, their most sacred, most precious, obtained through the use of agave thorns, they offered the best with pride and passion. That is the way Tequila Espinoza is born, in its four versions:

Blanco (White) 35º Alc/Vol.

Reposado 38º

Blanco (White) 50º

Ultra Añejo (Ultra Old) 40º

Casa Tequilera Azteca offers you its tequilas in order to turn a simple occasion into something irreplaceable. Together we will enjoy memories, that is what life is meant for. Great events stay in our memories thanks to the talent, hard work, love and Mexico’s soul, all of which is put into our products. We invite you to enjoy them responsibly.

Thanks for sharing our products with your loved ones.

With our best regards,